Located off of US75 & Eldorado Pkwy in McKinney, Tx, Super Shack is a purveyor of fresh & quality Seafood dining that takes pride in providing a high standard in food & service. 

Photos by the Super Shack community

Super Shack opened in July 2017 and is conviently located off of highway US75 and Eldorado Pkwy. Since then, the hard working, and friendly staff has been serving quality interpretations of fresh seafood dishes and a grade A service standard to the beautiful community of McKinney, Tx.

Super Shack's interior, reflects the casual-comfort sensibilities of the surrounding area. The restaurant offers the choice to observe a bright outside view with patio or windowed seating, or with open views of the spacious bar and kitchen with 16 Flatscreen TV's perfectly placed with high or low seating available. The music choices also provide a lively touch to the ambiance. All for your 5 sense to enjoy.